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Our story

Since 1971 our company has been offering a large collection of gold bands and watches, both for men and women, made with the most advances technologies. Our products are the result of a solid background in the field. We have always stood out for the high quality of our products and the attention to details of our services. 

Floriano Romio

Floriano Romio began his apprenticeship in the goldsmith sector by will of his mother Adele, who recognised in him a strong talent for this art. At the age of 14, Floriano began working as a goldsmith apprentice and soon became a skilled worker.

With determination and will, he encouraged his colleagues to improve and transmitted them his knowledge.

In 1971 he started his own business as a craftsman, specialising in the production of watch bands.

70s and 80s Collection

The activity continued until 1991, when together with his son Luca and his wife Carla he founded a new company, Oreficeria Romio, with a new maker’s mark:

Losanga Oreficeria Romio

and a brand new logo he designed himself

90s Collection

In 56 years of goldsmith passion he put his experience at the service of many apprentices, employees and colleagues, teaching them the best working methods, and in 2007 he was awarded the honour of  “master craftsman”.

A life dedicated to the goldsmith world, which esteems him for his skills and reliability.

Our company today

We manufacture watches and bands in 18 and 14 KT gold. Over the years we’ve specialized in the products’ customization. We design and produce gold watches on request, unique objects interpreting the customers’ tastes and characteristics. We can also produce customized bands for your own watch cases.