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Quality check

Oreficeria Romio srl guarantees the authenticity of all products and the highest quality of raw  materials. We use top quality materials in gold castings.

Highly qualified personnel with high manual skills takes care of:

  • assembly
  • manual, laser, oven soldering with solder pastes welding
  • polishing

All the goods are subjected to rigorous functionality and finishing checks before sale.

Examples of goods to be checked.

Quality control carried out through:

  • 10X magnifying glasses to highlight surface micropores
  • thimbles and anti-scratch cloths
  • vernier caliper for size checks
foto n° 5 - controllo linearità cinturino
Band linearity check
foto n°6-controllo lucidatura
Band polishing check
foto n° 7-controllo porosità
Band porosity check

Case polishing check

Quality standards to be respected include:

  • form
  • cleaning and finishing
  • microporosity
  • surface imperfections
  • any joints or mechanical couplings
foto n° 10-controllo applicazione-saldatura del cinturino alla cassa tonda
Application control with welding of the band to the round case
foto n° 11-controllo applicazione-saldatura del cinturino alla cassa rettangolare
Application control with welding of the band to the rectangular case
foto n° 12-controllo accoppiamento cassa-cinturino
Case-band coupling check
foto n°13-controllo accoppiamento cassa -cinturino vista laterale
Case-band coupling check - lateral view

Filling in of quality control sheet 

Each model has its own quality control sheet.

Fully Made in Italy product, with the exception of the watch movements usually Made in Swiss